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Sample - How to get custom property value from a SummaryInfo object ?


(setq acadObj (vlax-get-acad-object))

(setq activeDoc (vla-get-activedocument acadObj))

(setq pSumInfo (vla-get-property acadDoc 'SummaryInfo))

; add standard properties

(vla-put-Author pSumInfo "CADSTA")

(vla-put-Comments pSumInfo "VLA sample")

(vla-put-HyperlinkBase pSumInfo "http://www.cadsta.com")

(vla-put-LastSaveBy pSumInfo "CADSTA")

(vla-put-RevisionNumber pSumInfo "1")

(vla-put-Subject pSumInfo "VLA Sample")

(vla-put-Title pSumInfo "AddCustomInfo pSumInfo "myKey" "myValue")

; add custom properties

(vla-AddCustomInfo pSumInfo "myKey" "myValue")

(vla-setCustomByIndex pSumInfo 0 "myKey" "myVal2")

(vla-setCustomByKey "myKey" "CADSTA Max")

; display custom properties

(vla-getCustomByKey "myKey" 'myVal)

(princ (strcat "myVal = " myVal "\n")))


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