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Using MNL file with CADSTA Tools

MNL file is supported by CADSTA Tools. MNL file is the same as LSP file, but with the MNL extension. A MNL file is  tied to a MNU or CUI file. When the CUI file is loaded, CADSTA Tools will search a MNL file with a matching file name. If finds the file, it loads the MNL file into memory.

Load an AutoLISP File via Appload Command

Appload command in CADSTA Tools loads LISP applications in an AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT environment. This command can be accessed via command prompt or pulldown.


CADSTA Tools loads CADSTA Tools.lsp every time CADSTA Tools starts. Any lisp routines inside the file will be processed. CADSTATools.lsp is shipped with CADSTA Tools Software:

; This file is loaded every time CADSTA Tools starts. 


(princ "\nCADSTATools.lsp has been loaded...")



CADSTA Tools searches ACAD.lsp file whenever CADSTA Tools starts. If ACAD.lsp is found in the search path, ACAD.lsp will be loaded into memory.

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Using AutoLISP with CADSTA Tools

Supported AutoLISP file format

Enter AutoLISP codes at command Line

Using AutoLISP with Menu

Using MNL file with CADSTA Tools

Appload Command

CADSTATools.lsp / acad.lsp

CADSTAToolsDoc.lsp / acaddoc.lsp

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LISP Functions: A - C

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