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Startup Suite  -  run in AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT

Startup Suite in CADSTA Tools allows the user to load or unload applications and specify applications to be loaded at startup. It displays all loaded LISP / ARX / DBX applications in the Loaded Arx Apps tab. The user can unload the application if the item is selectable. All loaded LISP applications are displayed in Loaded Lisp Apps list. This feature enables the user to load their LISP and/or ARX routines in an AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT environment. It is available in CADSTA Tools, CADSTA Max, and CADSTA Arch.

The user can add any LISP or ARX applications into the Startup Suite list. The lisp files in the list will be automatically loaded whenever a drawing is opened. The ARX / DBX applications in the list will only be loaded once when AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT is started.

The user can also remove any applications from the Startup Suite list.

Key Features

Displays all loaded ARX/DBX applications

Displays all loaded LISP applications

Displays History List

Specifies applications to be loaded at startup

The following is the User Interface of Startup Suite:


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