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CADSTA Max - (vlax-dump-object)


Lists an VLA object's properties and the methods that apply to the object.

(vlax-dump-object object [flag])



The VLA-object


T or nil

Return Value

T or error.


$(setq acadobj (vlax-get-acad-object))

#<VLA-OBJECT IAcadApplication 000000002ab49df8>

$(vlax-dump-object acadobj)


IAcadApplication: An instance of the AutoCAD application


Property values:


ActiveDocument = #<VLA-OBJECT IAcadDocument 000000002ab49dfc>


Application (RO) = #<VLA-OBJECT IAcadApplication 0000000140433f10>


Caption (RO) = "Autodesk AutoCAD - [Drawing1.dwg]"


Documents (RO) = #<VLA-OBJECT IAcadDocuments 000000002ab18dc0>


FullName (RO) = "C:\\Program Files\\Autodesk\\AutoCAD\\acad.exe"


Height = 1102


HWND (RO) = 328408


LocaleId (RO) = 1033


MenuBar (RO) = #<VLA-OBJECT IAcadMenuBar 000000002ab18d38>


MenuGroups (RO) = #<VLA-OBJECT IAcadMenuGroups 000000000a7cf218>


Name (RO) = "AutoCAD"


Path (RO) = "C:\\Program Files\\Autodesk\\AutoCAD"


Preferences (RO) = #<VLA-OBJECT IAcadPreferences 00000000415ce758>


Visible = -1


Width = 2044


WindowLeft = 2


WindowState = 1


WindowTop = 2




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