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Sample - How to get the properties of a dynamic block ?

(defun C:DYBLOCK( / dynBlock dynProp)

(setq dynBlock (vlax-ename->vla-object (car (entsel))))

(setq dynProp (vlax-invoke dynBlock 'getDynamicBlockProperties))

(foreach _dynProp dynProp

(print (cons (vla-get-PropertyName _dynProp) (vlax-get _dynProp 'AllowedValues)))




Sample - How to get a remote file ?

(defun GETRFILE( / objUTL)

(setq objUTL (vla-get-utility (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))))







(vla-isremotefile objUTL lockfile 'pURL)



Sample - How to create a table ?

(defun GenTable( TblPnt / actDoc modelSP curDIM DIMTXT GTable)

(setq actDoc (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))

(setq modelSP (vla-get-ModelSpace actDoc))

(setq curDIM (getvar "DIMSCALE"))

(setq DIMTXT (getvar "DIMTXT"))

(setq GTable (vla-AddTable modelSP TblPnt 3 3 1 1))

(vla-put-StyleName GTable "STANDARD")

(vla-SetAlignment GTable acTitleRow acMiddleCenter)

(vla-SetAlignment GTable acHeaderRow acMiddleCenter)

(vla-SetAlignment GTable acDataRow acMiddleCenter)

(vla-SetTextHeight GTable acTitleRow (* 1.33 (* curDIM DIMTXT)))

(vla-SetTextHeight GTable acHeaderRow (* 1.33 (* curDIM DIMTXT)))

(vla-SetTextHeight GTable acDataRow (* curDIM DIMTXT))

(vla-put-VertCellMargin GTable curDIM)

(vla-put-HorzCellMargin GTable curDIM)

(vla-SetRowHeight GTable 0 (* 3.0 (* curDIM DIMTXT)))

(vla-SetRowHeight GTable 1 (* 3.0 (* curDIM DIMTXT)))

(vla-SetRowHeight GTable 2 (* 3.0 (* curDIM DIMTXT)))

(vla-SetColumnWidth GTable 0 (* 13 (* curDIM DIMTXT)))

(vla-SetColumnWidth GTable 1 (* 13 (* curDIM DIMTXT)))

(vla-SetColumnWidth GTable 2 (* 13 (* curDIM DIMTXT)))

(vla-SetText GTable 0 0 "Title")

(vla-SetText GTable 1 0 "Heading 0")

(vla-SetText GTable 1 1 "Heading 1")

(vla-SetText GTable 1 2 "Heading 2")


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