New build of 1.2010.03.225 has been posted on our ftp site

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New build of 1.2010.03.225 has been posted on our ftp site

Postby Leonard Liang » Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:30 am

Hi folks,

This build has the following improvements:

Bug fixes

* The crash problem during startup for 2007-2009 on Windows 7 has been fixed.


* better connection to AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT
* It now doesn't get in the way to pop up authorization wizard before AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT's license dialog box.
* Better memory management for LISP interpretor for CADSTA Tools and CADSTA Max
* CADSTA Tools and CADSTA Max now searches CADSTAToolsDoc20##.lsp during startup (## is the version number, like 08, 10 etc). If the file is in the AutoCAD search path, it will be loaded automatically. This improves the situation that if users download a later build and they do not need to re-modify the file. So everything will still work. This file doesn't come with our software. Users must create this file themselves.

Have fun!

Leonard Liang
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