New build of 1.2010.08.208 has been posted.

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New build of 1.2010.08.208 has been posted.

Postby Leonard Liang » Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:41 pm

Hi folks,

This new build has the following improvements:

1. -insert command now handles long file names. The length of the file name has been extended to 512 bytes.
2. -insert command now handles "explode" option when inserting (with "*" as the prefix of the block name)
3. ARX applications put into Startup suite can now be properly loaded.
4. Remove overlap function now looks for duplicated circles and arcs properly.
5. (read) can now handle comments in the string.
6. (vlax-vla-object->ename) now handles dictionary objects
7. XREF manager can now detach multiple selections of xrefs.
8. The lisp interpretor now handles a selection set returned from (ssgetfirst) to (command).
9. (mode_tile) now returns nil if it fails
10. ACADPREFIX now returns full value which is set in the configuration.

Again, for users who are using both CADSTA Max and CADSTA Plus together, please download the same build to make sure things will be working well.

All older builds have been removed from the ftp site.

Leonard Liang
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