New build of 1.2011.02.166 has been posted.

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New build of 1.2011.02.166 has been posted.

Postby Leonard Liang » Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:22 pm

Hi folks,

We haven't updated the version history for a while. The following is the details of the version history up to this latest build:


• (vla-item) fails. – this bug was introduced since 1.2011.01.181 -- fixed


• Improvement for (vl-registry-read) to handle both REG_SZ and REG_DWORD


• Document Reactor doesn’t always react properly. Use a new method to handle the reactor.
• (vla-copyfrom) now fully implemented
• (vla-appenditems) now fully implemented
• (vla-removeitems) now fully implemented


• FAS/VLX can now handle a list for (vlax-for) – (vlax-for item (list ….)) is now working.
• (vla-get-autoaudit) now fully implemented
• (vla-put-autoaudit) now fully implemented
• Xref command sometimes lose the path, now fixed.


• (princ) a real value sometimes prints some rubbish
• Improvement for (repeat) to run it faster


• (vla-get-layeron) now works properly
• (vla-put-layeron) now works properly
• VLR function calls trigger an error message, but routines continue and work. Now fixed.

• (repeat) to copy big number of entities is slow – effords have been made to speed it up.
• 2010-309 repeating command sometimes cause crash.

• Appsuite crash occationally if clicking on “loaded lisp” and then select a file in the list, then click ok.

• 64 bit version crashes during startup in some cases.
• 64 bit version crashes when exiting in some cases.

• 64-bit version: clicking on tool palette doesn’t insert the drawing. Now fixed.
• (vl-directory-files) crashes sometimes. Fixed.

• For 2011, executetool fails if AcTp.arx is not loaded. Now it checks to make sure it is loaded.

• In some cases, if an ARX call to acedInvoke returns a NULL, CADSTA would crash AutoCAD
• (entget) a table object doesn’t return the full list.
• (entmod) a table object fails.
• FAS now handles multiple setq within nested lisp string (con (T (setq q 1 x 2)))
• -insert sets the block name to “” if drag-n-drop blocks from design centre.
• Funny background occasionally.

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