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What others have said about CADSTA

“We have been using CADSTA since 2010 and have never regretted it. Your support and customer service is excellent.” – Sean, Canada 

“What a brilliant program, I am so happy with it.” – Hugh, UK

“You have developed a great product. It is exactly what we need to be more efficient in our business.” – Adam, Australia 

“The product works great and the support has been amazing.” – Brian, USA

“I thank you guys a lot for your help. I would rather use AutoCAD 2013 LT + CADSTA Max.” – David, USA 

“Thank you very, very much, now everything works properly including 3D-Connexion Space mouse. You really saved my day!” – Marc, Germany

“SAVE a TON by using AutoCAD LT with CADSTA Max - our new favorite!” – Steve, USA

“I really love your software and technical support you have given us. It's fast and it stands out from other suppliers.” – R.C., Canada

CADSTA Arch really makes AutoCAD LT seem to be on turbo charge. I really like it. It's easy for me to use your software because I have used AutoCAD Architecture in the past and it helps.” – Scott, USA

“I really like your program, and especially your responsiveness to the end users. Thank you very much. On a side note, I plan on purchasing another seat of CADSTA today for a new employee.” – Jeff, USA

“Wow!! CADSTA Arch is truly powerful. I am so happy to cross over my Autodesk Architectural Desktop to CADSTA Arch. I do also like that I can set the settings pretty well the way I like to work.” – Richard, Canada

“Installed CADSTA Max and love it.” – Chuck, USA

“The program is great. I am very happy I have found this program.” – Rick, USA

“Many thanks, and I must say what fantastic service you provide as well.” – Stephen, NZ

“Thanks again for the service. Your program has fixed all of our issues.” – Greg, USA

CADSTA Arch is a much better program than SA. It is more stable and is better organized. It is so much easier to use and move things around. Great software!” – Allan, Australia

“Wow, thank you for such a quick & detailed reply. CADSTA Arch is really cool, runs stable & smooth ... in familiar Acad LT interface.” – Dal, EU

“Thank you for fixing the problem so quick, the timely manner in addressing the problem and the one on one interface is why I will be continue to use your software.” – Robert, USA 

“Thanks for your quick response and your excellent technical support!” – Adrien, France

“I wasn’t expecting such a quick fix because of the time difference, so I’m thrilled! Thank you very much.” – Andrea, USA

“LOVE IT!!!! Works fine no problems - love the window and wall set up boxes etc - seamless.”  – Mark, Australia 

“Good stuff Leonard. Thanks, worked like a charm.” – Graham, UK

“Thanks again for all of your help.  I'm sure we will be using your product again in the future.” – Brian, USA

“Yes, I am enjoying CADSTA very much and also AutoCAD 2012.” – Mal, Australia

Excellent! Thanks again for the fast reply.”  – Joe, USA

“I have used the new software... it is fantastic!! Congratulations.” – Andrew, Australia


“...thank you for all of your help and it's a really great software.” – John, USA
“Thank you so much. I just can’t believe the response time given to my problem, unbelievable.”  – Noel, Australia
“Blazingly fast fix! Thanks a bunch!” – Tim, USA
“I really like your software.”  – Rob, USA

“Thank you very much, works a dream :)”  – John, Australia

It works a treat. Thanks for getting back so quickly.” – Tim, UK
“Awesome, thank you for your prompt response.” – Rob, USA

“That did it! You’re the best! Thanks everyone for your help.” – Luke, USA
“Thanks for your help - the ql-set.lsp routine is a great program, and there are many people out there using it.” – Stephen, NZ 

“Thank you for your help and your great product !” – Todd, USA

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